Chronicle of House Palmor

Bandits !!

The courtyard of Castle Palmor was a scene of intense activity as preparations for Lord Palmor’s journey to Kings Landing were being completed. Shortly before noon, the party was ready and departed the castle through the main gates heading out on to the marsh road. A thick mist had descended on the marshes and visibility was down to a mere hundred yards, but these were Palmor lands and the population here were loyal. After a couple of hours progress, the slow moving column finally edged out of the marshes and into the grasslands beyond, heading to the borders of House Palmor’s lands. Shortly before dusk the party arrived at Dag’s Inn, just beyond the borders of their realm. Taking the lead, mainly because he held the purse strings tightly, Leon Ashcroft negotiated a fair rate for the evenings accommodation and victuals. Choosing to dine privately the party ate and retired early, a long journey ahead of them on the morrow.

Dawn brought another bright sunny day in the Riverlands and the party awoke early to break fast and continue on their journey. After breaking fast a merchant, also staying at the inn, approached Lord Palmor and asked if he may accompany the party on their trip to Kings Landing, there’s safety in numbers after all. The merchant introduced himself as Rog Thanders, a dealer in spices and the exotic. Upon hearing of this, Ishicar took Rog to one side and a lengthy discussion took place, as the party readied themselves for departure.

The party spend an uneventful day journeying to Kings Landing, leaving their homelands behind and that evening camp beside the road.

The following morning dawns, another bright and sunny summers morning. The party break camp and head ever southward towards Kings Landing, though they plan to break their journey by visiting the Frey’s. Towards noon Leon Ashcroft spotted the sun reflecting off something from within the woods, that bordered the road at this point. Leon made haste to inform Ser Edgar Bravine, who, taking no risks, quickly dispatched Matthais Wren and his squire to investigate, whilst the rest of the party continued its journey down the road. Leon continued to watch Matthais’s progress towards the tree line, when he spotted the knight and his squire turn suddenly and gallop back towards the party. Once Matthais was within earshot the word “Bandits” could be heard coming from his lips and all at once it was obvious to Leon that his sharp eyes may have averted the party from disaster. When Matthais reached the group, an arrow could be seen protruding from his upper right shoulder, though it had not pierced, he was uninjured, thank the seven.

Ser Edgar Bravine took command and shouted orders “Knights to me, wedge formation on me, squires protect the baggage train”, wheeling sharply Ser Edgar and the five other knights, in wedge formation, lowered lances and prepared to charge the ruffians lining up along the road, barring their way. The six knights broke into a trot, then a gallop and finally with shouts of Palmor and Huntly charged the score of bandits, skewering four in the first pass, before they wheeled round, drew swords and charged back into the fray.

Meanwhile back at the baggage train Lord Palmor and his wife Lyta had been persuaded to dismount, to prevent them being made tempting targets for archers, their personal guard forming a crescent moon in front of them. They were shortly joined by Ishicar and Leon Ashcroft with his bodyguard. It is at this point that Leon’s sharp eyes again spot potential trouble, just ahead, emerging out of the trees, another group of bandits were starting to advance towards Lord Palmor’s party. Leon, springing into action, rallied the squires to join the personal guard in holding a line in front of Lord Palmor, with that persuasive and charming way he has. The squires, bloodlust in their young hearts, leapt to the defence of their lord.

Somewhere, upon a rise in the road they had been following since daybreak, young Oliver Palmor and Alun Carnie saw ahead of them a chaotic scene. Oliver could see that his father was in trouble and heeding the wise words of Alun Carnie formed his men into a line, after detailing Walter to look after Lady Dana Greenacre of course. Oliver led his men down the rise at a trot, hoping to smash into the side of the bandits before they reached his father, eventually breaking into a gallop and finally as they neared their prey, war horns blaring, the charge. The line smashed into the bandits, taking them unaware as their attentions were focused on richer gains, Oliver dispatching two bandits with grievous wounds and Alun Carnie destroying two others with mortal blows. It was all over in a matter of seconds, the bandits were routed and Oliver had claimed his two victims as prisoner. The nearest either Oliver or Alun had come to taking a scratch was when a volley of bolts, from Lord Palmor’s Myrish device, sailed between the pair of them, fortunately missing. With a victorious swagger Oliver strode over to his father, savouring his first taste of battle and victory and after greeting him passed on the news of his previous three days patrol. Oliver also introduced his father to Ser Milton Greenacre and his attractive daughter Dana, who had joined Oliver and Alun at Dag’s Inn the night before.

That evening, at a hastily erected camp near to the road, Lord Palmor called a meeting of his most trusted advisors so that they could hear the news that Oliver had to bring and it was grave news indeed (see previous journal for details – Patrol to the Borderlands). The group decided to keep the news to themselves for if word of this ever got out, it would mean ruin for House Palmor. As the meeting broke up the advisors went their separate ways and numerous important events occurred :

Oliver, Alun & Ishicar : The three began the questioning of the five captives from the bandit ambush, learning two of their names, Boris and Ryder, as well as the name of their leader Aelfric. They decide to continue their questioning (torture !!) the following evening.

Oliver : Spends time with his men exhorting them on their deeds in today’s battle and ensuring that they are all well fed and being looked after

Leon : Began the wooing of the young woman Dana, who had captured his heart upon first meeting her earlier in the day and she is completely smitten with him, much to the delight of Ser Milton.

Lord Palmor : Briefs Ser Tristam on the news from Oliver, before receiving Leon who complains about the noise coming from the questioning. Lady Lyta suggests that perhaps Oliver and Alun could continue their questioning away from the camp tomorrow evening. Lord Palmor also listens to his son’s report on the questioning of his captives.

This leaves the group breaking fast on another fine summers morning, before preparing to depart for House Frey, enroute to Kings Landing and the Kings tourney.



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