Chronicle of House Palmor

Veiled Threats

Another glorious day in the city of Kings Landing sees the Palmor clan ensconced in the Queens Tower of the Red Keep for one of their, by now famous, breakfast meetings. The initial discussions are around the news they received late last night that Adham Dannett had died of the wounds inflicted by Oliver Palmor in the opening joust of the tourney. Lord Justin decides that he must pay his respects to House Dannett at the tourney, despite the differences between the two houses of late.

The breakfast meeting is disturbed by Ser Meryn Trant announcing the arrival of Queen Cersei, visiting her guests, whom she has offered her protection to, since the unfortunate destruction of their accommodation at the Greentree Inn. The Queen breaks fast with House Palmor and engages in various small talk, mostly centred on her son’s new found interest in crossbows, to which Oliver Palmor relays the story of his close encounter, two nights before, with one of his father’s crossbow quarrels. The Queen, obviously bored but bound by honour to visit her guests, departed as soon as politeness allowed.

The Palmor’s were just getting settled again when another visitor was announced, Ser Edmure Tully, House Tully’s representative in Kings Landing, had arrived. Ser Edmure, never known to be patient, stormed into the room demanding what was so important that Lord Oliver had demanded his presence. Lord Justin was taken aback by this as he had expected Ser Edmure to be visiting him; obviously his son was keeping things from him. The meeting with Ser Edmure was brief, mainly discussing House Palmor’s intention to settle and bring law to some of the lands surrounding theirs. Ser Edmure agreed to this in principal but insisted that he need to see the papers drawn up before he was prepared to commit, he seemed to leave in an even worse mood than that in which he had arrived, if that was possible.

Finally, after the quick succession of visits from noble patronages, the Palmor’s got back to the business at hand. Where was Leon Ashcroft? After much debate Lord Oliver admitted to his father that he knew exactly where Leon was and what he had been doing these past few evenings, as he had had Daric follow him. Oliver told his father that Leon was currently residing at the townhouse of the Tully’s, however the Tully’s were not admitting to Leon being there, had he been kidnapped? Lord Justin, venting his frustration promised to all, that he would confront Ser Edmure to find out the truth.

It seems as though it was a morning of revelations from young Oliver, who also revealed that he had been invited on the Royal Hunt with Prince Joffrey, at a time to be arranged. Much discussion was then had about who was going to accompany Oliver and eventually it was decided that the honour should fall on Haglic, much to Alun Carnie and Ishicar’s relief. It was also at this time that Oliver mentioned his and Haglic’s new found interest in Dragons………………………..

The time had come for Oliver’s third round joust and after being escorted through Kings Landing by the usual complement of Lannister guardsmen, he arrived with the rest of the Palmor’s at the tourney ground. Oliver busied himself getting ready whilst Lord Justin, Alun Carnie and Ishicar went to visit the Dannett’s to offer their condolences. They were however too late as the Dannett encampment was being struck and only a few hired hands and servants were present.

Oliver won his third tilt of the tourney with what was becoming accustomed ease, beating the dashing Ser Daemon Allyrion from Dorne, his shining red armour taken as part of the spoils of the victory. Oliver remained at the tourney grounds watching the rest of the houses knights in action before wandering over to the lists to find out his opponent for tomorrows joust, Ser Brackon Celtigar. He then headed back to the Red Keep with his father, Lord Justin, whilst Alun Carnie and Ishicar headed into Kings Landing to see what they could discover about the Greentree Inn.

Alun Carnie and Ishicar, on their wanderings around Kings Landing discovered that the Greentree Inn has been closed by orders of the king. They also tried to locate Leon Ashcroft by questioning purveyors of land and property, but to no avail, as none had seen Leon for days. It is with these sad tidings that the pair returned back to the Red Keep to report to Lord Justin what they had learnt.

Back at the Red Keep, Oliver Palmor retired early.

The following morning’s breakfast meeting was a much quieter affair with the Palmor’s deciding that the hiring of an elite mercenary company and a couple of experienced scouts was now a high priority and Alun Carnie was tasked with looking after this affair. During the meeting Lord Justin and his son Oliver had cross words, as Lord Justin insisted on his son telling him where he had purchased the new flail and beaked shield from, which Oliver, under some protest eventually agreed to reveal.

Alun Carnie and Ishicar, before leaving for the tourney with the rest of the Palmor’s decided to send a serving boy out into the streets of Kings Landing to look for the following individuals, Ser Milton Greenacre, Dana Greenacre, Orton Lugus and Leon Ashcroft and once he had some information to seek them out at the tourney grounds.

The Palmor’s leave the Queens tower, under heavy Lannister guards for the tourney grounds, to watch young Lord Oliver in his fourth joust of the tourney. Most thought he would do well to get past the first round, though Oliver was proving to be almost a natural jouster, having been tutored well by Alun Carnie. Oliver is helped to get ready by Alun Carnie and Haglic under the ever watchful eye of the Houses Maester, Ishicar and when ready the group make their way to the tilt.

The Warrior, most militaristic of the seven, was again looking down on Oliver Palmor as he won his fourth joust, almost too easily. The young man is certainly a favourite amongst the crowds and will have his hands full, fighting off potential suitors at the Grand Ball in two days. However Lord Oliver is soon brought back down to earth when he checks the lists to see who he has drawn in the semi-final, Ser Jaime Lannister.

Back at the tourney ground, the small boy, sent out by Alun Carnie returns and reports that he cannot locate Dana Greenacre and Leon Ashcroft, however he has discovered that Orton Lugus is staying as a guest of Ser Edmure Tully in his townhouse. That, unfortunately, is not the end of the boy’s news, Ser Milton Greenacre and Rog Thanders have been found dead, tied to a log, floating in the Blackwater Rush. Alun Carnie immediately seeks out Lord Justin, to deliver the grim tidings.

On hearing the news, Lord Justin decides to ride at once to the Tully townhouse to demand the return of Leon Ashcroft, whom he now believes is being held captive by Ser Edmure Tully. The Palmor’s along with their Lannister guards, whom seem cheered at the thought of action, ride to the Tully’s townhouse. Upon arrival Lord Justin demands to see Ser Edmure and one of the guards at the gate immediately rushes in to fetch his lord. Lord Edmure however was not at home, and it was his steward who felt the full wrath of Lord Justin’s anger, demanding the return, by tomorrow of his cousin Leon Ashcroft, or else. With his message delivered Lord Justin Palmor and the rest of the house retinue, returned to the Red Keep.

Back at the Red Keep, Oliver Palmor retires early, the young man has been looking rather weary of late.

Early the following morning, all of House Palmor’s retinue in the Red Keep are awakened by a low rumbling sound coming from outside the Red Keeps walls. The sound lasted for what seemed like an age before it passed. Those who were interested enough to look out of the window of their accommodation noticed a sickly greenish yellow glow hanging in the air above a well to do district of Kings Landing.



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