Chronicle of House Palmor

Would you trust a Lord with a loaded crossbow, twice !!

The day of the first round of the tourney had arrived and Lord Justin Palmor patiently awaited the arrival of his son Oliver, at his tent on the tourney fields. Oliver and Haglic were late, but eventually arrived just in time for the meeting of House Palmor’s trusted inner circle, with the exception of Leon Ashcroft who was out in Kings Landing taking in the sights with his beloved Dana.

Lord Justin, Oliver, Alun Carnie, Ishicar and Haglic discussed the events of the previous night in detail and finally came to the conclusion that the removal of House Dannett from Westeros, was the only honourable solution to the slight the Dannett’s had delivered, the previous evening. Further planning was put on hold as it was time for Oliver to open the jousting against Adham Dannett, on orders of the king. Resplendent in his shining new armour, new longsword strapped to his side, Oliver mounted his Destrier and with Haglic leading and Alun Carnie and Ishicar following, rode out to be presented to the Royal Pavillion.

Once in front of the Royal Pavillion, alongside his challenger, Adham Dannett, the King rose and to a packed audience spoke “The opening joust of the tourney will be between Adham Dannett and Oliver Palmor, the victor will not only go through to the next round but will also decide the outcome of the dispute between these two houses. May the warrior look down upon both of you.” At this point the King sat, only for the Queen to rise and step forward, a hush settled on the crowd, wondering what this break in protocol would bring. The Queen beckoned young Oliver Palmor to approach and lower his lance whereupon she produced a silken purple favour from her bodice, and to the astonishment of the crowd tied this around Oliver’s lance. She then leant forward and whispered something into the young knights ear, that only he could hear.

The two knights returned to their respective ends of the field and turned to face each other. With a kick of the spurs both knights urged their Destriers forward, intent on winning the first tilt of the tourney, neither contemplating defeat. Oliver Palmor was to emerge victorious, his lance striking off the inner rim of Adham Dannetts shield and striking the hapless young man in his left side, penetrating his plate armour at a join and grievously wounding him. Dannett was unhorsed and fell on his back more than ten feet away from his Destrier, unmoving. Oliver flush with his victory turned to present himself to the Royal Pavillion. The King rose, saluting young Oliver, his booming voice louder than the thunderous applause the young lordling was receiving from the crowd. “Trial by combat was requested,” the King says, “and trial by combat has been fulfilled! The Warrior has smiled on the victors and proven their cause, let no more be made of it, but let their just victory be recognized and the tourney continue!”

Oliver, Alun Carnie and Ishicar remained at the tourney watching the other knights of the house in their tilts, Oliver paying special interest in ensuring that the knights and the men were well looked after. As the day came to an end, Oliver wandered over to the lists to see who he would face in the following days tilt, to discover that he had been drawn against Ser Naton Lugus.

Meanwhile Lord Justin Palmor had returned to the inn and sent his faithful servant Richard Booth to the Tullys representative in Kings Landing requesting a meeting.

That evening on everyone’s return from the tourney ground House Palmor had a quiet evening of celebration in the Greentree Inn, after all Oliver had won his first ever tilt in a royal tourney. Everyone retired early keen to get a good night rest before the next day’s events.

It was Haglic who first suspected something was not quite right, he and Oliver had just returned, via the window, from another sojourn in Kings Landing. Both had fallen asleep in their chainmail, as the evenings antics had been tiring, when Haglic awoke with a start. Waking Oliver hurriedly he asked Oliver to listen. Oliver listened carefully but could not hear anything, to which Haglic replied “Percisely, why is the Inn so quiet this evening, something’s not right and can you smell that horrible acrid smell, like something burning.” Oliver also smelt the same acrid smell and ordered Haglic over to the door to have a quick look, however before he could do so the door burst open and in strode a man dressed in greys and blacks, sword and dagger drawn, a menacing look upon his face, as he strode towards the pair, his intent clear. Oliver and Haglic drew their swords and rushed to face their assailant.

In another room, Lord Justin Palmor had woken with a start, something had disturbed his sleep, though he was unsure what. His first instinct was to reach for his Myrish crossbow, then awaken his good lady wife, lying next to him. Lyta, eyes still full of sleep and tired from their earlier bout of lovemaking, inquired as to what was the matter. Justin told her to get her knife and after putting on a robe went to awaken his manservant Richard Booth. At this point as Justin turned to go to the door, it burst open and two assailants dressed in greys and blacks, weapons drawn moved through the entrance, intent on causing harm.

Meanwhile in another part of the inn, Alun Carnie had woken with a start, something was wrong, but what was it. Allowing his eyes to get used to the darkness, he spotted it, a black shape heading towards the bed his son Neil was sleeping in. Like a flash Alun was on his feet grabbing his sword and with a purposeful stride, took the assailants head off in one short swift motion. Neil awoke and seeing his father in front of him, wearing absolutely nothing and holding a bloodied sword, screamed the scream of alarm.

The rest, as they say, was mayhem, though it came to no surprise to those who were at the inn that night that Lord Justin Palmor was one of the first to react, firing his Myrish crossbow into the figures in the doorway. Both stepped nimbly to one side, the quarrels missing, though much to Lord Palmors horror he could see the door opposite his open and standing in it were Oliver and Haglic, fighting desperately against another foe. Justins quarrels continued on, two thudding into the wall, the third hitting his son, square in the chest, just above the heart.

Oliver turned, a look of fury in his eyes, before turning back to his melee and with Haglics help managed to dispatch the assailant in his room by grabbing his head and smashing it into the crossbow quarrel protruding from his chest. Seeing his father in danger Oliver charged across the corridor with Haglic to attack his father’s assailants from behind. As he crossed the corridor Oliver realised that the acrid smoky smell was coming from the far end of the corridor, the inn was on fire.

At this point Alun Carnie had awoken his squire and with Connor and his son Neil had left their room, moved into the corridor towards Oliver and Justin’s rooms. In front of him he could see the developing scene, with both Oliver and Lord Justin Palmor fighting for their lives, thinking nothing of his own safety Alun charged into the fray. The fight was over in seconds with Alun Carnie and Oliver Palmor finishing of the remaining assassins, however the damage had already been done Lord Justin Palmor lay gravely injured on the floor, his own dagger protruding from his thigh. Alun Carnie realising that time was of the essence ordered an evacuation of the inn before it burnt to the ground, starting with Lord Justin Palmor, whom he promptly dragged to the window, before pushing him out. Everyone else managed to get out just in time, with Oliver and Haglic the last to leave.

Once in the yard of the inn the carnage the fire had wrought could be seen and many smallfolk were about the task of trying to douse the flames before the fire could spread. Again thinking quickly Alun Carnie ordered all to their horses their destination the Maesters conclave, perhaps the only place where Lord Palmor could be healed. Daric the scout was sent ahead to prepare Ishicar for the grave news.

Upon arrival at the Maesters Conclave, all was ready and Ishicar had managed to secure the services of the greatest healer known within Westeros, Dan Derryk. Ishicar and Dan set to work, healing the numerous wounds of Lord Palmor successfully, and after a couple of hours Lord Palmor was in a drug induced sleep, brought on by Milk of the Poppy. The relief on everyones faces was plain to see, though that would not be the end to the nights excitement. Just as the news of Lord Palmors recovery was passed on to the rest of the family, a commotion was heard at the door of the Maester’s conclave and a familiar voice, to all, was heard in the corridor, outside Lord Palmor’s room. Bravely taking on the responsibility, due to Lord Palmors drug induced state, Oliver Palmor strode out into the corridor to be confronted by Ser Jaime Lannister and numerous guards in the crimson cloaks of House Lannister.

Ser Jaime Lannister had arrived to offer the Palmor’s the protection of the Queen, as she had heard of their plight and the terrible misfortunes of that evening, the least she could do was to offer rooms in her tower in the Red Keep. Jaime, not one to take NO for an answer, soon persuaded Oliver and his retinue to accompany him, with Lord Justin Palmor and his wife Lyta to follow on the morrow, once the Milk of the Poppy had worn off. Ser Jaime and two dozen Lannister guardsmen led Oliver and his retinue through Kings Landing to their new temporary home in the Queens tower, inside the Red Keep. Oliver at once felt at home in his rather spacious appartment, ensconced with Alun Carnie and Haglic, his father’s quarters were to be on the floor above, when he arrived on the morrow. They all decided to retire early, with the exception of Alun Carnie who was wary of their new quarters.

The following morning a score of Lannister guardsmen arrived to escort Oliver, Haglic and Alun Carnie to the tourney grounds for Olivers second round tilt against Ser Naton Lugus. The Lannister guardsmen wasted no time in beating a way, quite literally, through the crowds towards the tourney grounds and upon arrival set up a cordon around the Palmor tents, scowling at any who dared come close.

The second tilt of Oliver Palmor was a much closer run thing, two passes were made against Ser Naton Lugus both of which saw the pair shatter their lances against each other’s shields, without any damage being inflicted. The third pass was all Oliver’s though, sensing a weakness in his opponent Oliver rode aggressively and a clean strike against Ser Naton saw Oliver unhorse his opponent, winning his second tilt. Oliver, gracious as ever, dismounted to help Ser Naton back to his feet and a brief conversation was had between the pair in which Ser Naton congratulated Oliver on his victory, offering to take him into town for some ale and wenching, Oliver politely refused the offer. Returning to his guarded tent, Oliver prepared to head back to the Red Keep, his new home.

On arrival back at the Queens tower, guarded by the usual score of Lannister guardsmen, Oliver learnt that his father and mother had arrived earlier in the afternoon. Wishing to see his father urgently he went to his apartment, accompanied by Alun Carnie and Haglic. Oliver was relieved to see his father well, though obviously still suffering from his wounds and with plenty to tell, the group caught up on what had happened in the last day in Kings Landing. Plots were hatched and decisions made but which path would these decisions lead House Palmor down ?

As they were nearing the end of their discussions, a messenger arrived, bearing grave news, Adham Dannett had died of the wounds inflicted by Oliver Palmor in his joust the day before.



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