Connor Mhor

Squire to Alun Carnie


16 years of age, 6’ 3", 13 Stone, Brown eyes, Brown hair

Agility 3 Quickness 1
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 4
Awareness 3 Notice 1
Endurance 4 Stamina 1
Fighting 4 Long Blades 1
Marksmanship 3
Survival 3 Hunt 1, Track 1
Warfare 3

Gifted Athlete
Night Eyes
Blood of the First Men

Intrigue Defense 7
Composure 6
Combat Defense 10
Health 14


Connor is a tall well built young man with Brown hair and Brown eyes and squire to Alun Carnie. Connor is a loyal and dedicated squire who is awaiting his chance to get his spurs and himself swear fealty to House Palmor. Connor is from the North of Westeros and has the blood of the First Men flowing through his veins.

Connor Mhor

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