Leon Ashcroft

Cousin of Lord Palmor


32 years of age, 5’ 10", 12 Stone, sad Blue eyes, Blond hair

Atheletics 1 Sedentary
Awareness 4 Notice 2
Cunning 4 Logic 2
Deception 4 Bluff 1
Fighting 3
Knowledge 3
Persuasion 5 Seduce 3, Charm 1
Status 3 Breeding 1
Stealth 4

Keen Senses

Intrigue Defense 11
Composure 6
Combat Defense 8
Health 6


Having been falsely accused of theft in his home village Leon moved into Castle Palmor.
He was then kidnapped, from which he was rescued quite adeptly by his cousin Justin and the Knights.
He has recently met the beautiful Dana and has asked for her hand in marriage, this was announced to the House and received quite warmly.
Leon awakened out of his marital bliss when he was kidnapped from the Tulley household by House Palmor, his fiancée died in the kidnapping.

Leon Ashcroft

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