Lyta Palmor

Wife of Lord Justin Palmor


28 years of age, 5’ 7", 10 Stone, Blue eyes, Dark Brown hair

Athletics 3 Throw 1
Awareness 4 Empathy 2
Endurance 3 Resilience 2
Fighting 4 Short Blades 1
Knowledge 3
Language 3 Lysene
Persuasion 4 Seduce 1, Charm 1
Status 4
Will 3

Short Blade Fighter 1

Intrigue Defense 10
Composure 9
Combat Defense 9
Health 9


Lyta Palmor is the wife of Lord Justin Palmor. She is an attractive woman in her late twenties, originally from House Darry, her marriage to Justin cementing an alliance of convenience between House Darry and House Palmor.

Lyta spent some of her formative years in Lysene, across the seas, learning the language and customs of those people. She is utterly devoted to her son Oliver and dotes over her only child, whom, in her eyes, can do know wrong.

Lyta is an extremely pious woman, worshipping The Mother in an otherwise heathen house.

Lyta Palmor

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