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  • Leon Ashcroft

    Having been falsely accused of theft in his home village Leon moved into Castle Palmor. He was then kidnapped, from which he was rescued quite adeptly by his cousin Justin and the Knights. He has recently met the beautiful Dana and has asked for her …

  • Ser Oliver Palmor

    Prefers to be out working with arms than book work. Ishicar struggles to get Oliver into the classroom. Anointed knight by Ser Jaime Lannister at Kings Landing at King Baretheons tourney. Stood his vigil in the Great Sept of Balor in Kings Landing with …

  • Alun Carnie

    Unexplained scar on left fore-arm. Prime objective is the safety and well-being of Justin and Oliver Palmor. Led the rescue of Leon Ashcroft.

  • Haglic Oscal

    Haglic is a ward of House Palmor from House Oscal, in the mountains to the north of Palmor lands. Haglic currently serves as squire to Ser Oliver Palmor and has built up a firm and loyal relationship with Oliver, despite his status as Ward.

  • Lyta Palmor

    Lyta Palmor is the wife of Lord Justin Palmor. She is an attractive woman in her late twenties, originally from House Darry, her marriage to Justin cementing an alliance of convenience between House Darry and House Palmor. Lyta spent some of her …

  • Connor Mhor

    Connor is a tall well built young man with Brown hair and Brown eyes and squire to Alun Carnie. Connor is a loyal and dedicated squire who is awaiting his chance to get his spurs and himself swear fealty to House Palmor. Connor is from the North of …

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