Kings Landing Party

Oliver’s Party

Oliver Palmor – Heir
Haglic Oscal – Squire to Oliver
Alun Carnie – Master at Arms
Connor Mhor – Squire to Alan
Ser Percival Mornigstar
Jeremey Lancett – Squire to Ser Percival
Arthur Winstone – Vassal Knight
Harry Brownshield – Squire to Arthur
Daric – Head Scout
Edwin – Sergeant in the Personal Guard
9 Personal Guards – Othnar, Gerrard, Harold, Bert, Rikard, Arthur, Bryan, Ethan and Walter

Justin’s Party

Lord Justin Palmor
Richard Booth – Lord Palmors man servant
4 Bodyguards – Aerion,Vayon, Patrek and Harbert
Lady Lyta Palmor
Josephine A’Court – Lady Lita’s lady in waiting
Donna Morningstar – Ser Percivals wife
Roland Morningstar – Ser Percival and Donna’s eldest son
Leon Ashcroft
Ser Edgar Bravine
Randolph Thorney – Ser Edgars squire
Robin Fletcher – Vassal knight
Matthew Smith – Robins squire
Gabriel Hale – Vassal knight
Jake Rivers – Gabriel’s squire
Lucien Haveroc – Vassal knight
Lionel Brewer – Lucien’s squire
Matthais Wren – Vassal knight
Symon Darry – Matthais’s squire
Ser Tristam Huntly – Head of House Huntly
Theon Larkspur – Ser Tristam’s squire
4 Wagon Drivers – Sam, Igon, Edmyn and Willem

Kings Landing Party

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